Coding for Humanity

We are tech volunteers – we offer pro bono technology and design services to nonprofits. In our continued civic experiment, we identified this opportunity - an opportunity to change our world.

Who we are

We are young, we love technology, and we love Africa!

Nonprofits demand technology in a wide variety of ways, from mapping areas of need using Geographical Information Systems to developing videos and presentations for simulation and trainings.
The insanely numerous ways in which technology is required, and the very many choices there are about approaches and tools, could be more than small organizations with limited budgets can handle.

Tekrapi is our attempt to bridge the IT talent gap; create a better world by helping change agents work better, focusing more on their outreach than the technology behind them.
Leveraging our strengths as developers and designers, we nurture a creative culture of building free, simple, and meaningful technological systems to help nonprofits maximize potentials and sustain impacts. We are here, there, everywhere, helping those who help others.

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What we do

We write codes. Using technology and design, we help those who serve humanity.


Responsive, modern, and user friendly Web + CMS.


Pixel-perfect logos and indelible brand elements.


Topnotch keynote and powerpoint presentation.

Mobile Apps

Android and iOS App Development - coming soon.

Drop a line

Nonprofit, needing tech support? Please drop us a quick line.

We are excited to read from you, we would definitely be in touch.